bettery magazine is a digital magazine with a focus on people, places and concepts that help to improve life in the city. It is straightforward, personal and authentic, unafraid to take a stance or polarize. bettery magazine throws spotlight on city living. Always diverting, it informs, illuminates and entertains. It reveals deficits, highlights solutions and interacts with its readers. bettery magazine reports on anything that promises to improve life in the city, such as people who question the status quo and point out solutions, creative projects that are part of urban life, visions that redefine urban space and set new social or design-related standards and mobility as part of an innovative, urban identity.

bettery magazine is published and edited by automotive leader smart to fuel the urban changes its holistic mobility solutions have already begun to target. bettery magazine is smart’s virtual, interdisciplinary think tank, continuously nurturing and actively leading the dialogue about the innovation and inspiration at the heart of smart’s urban mission.

Editorial Team


Alexandra Schade



Lilly Wolf

Editorial assistant


Florian Pühs

Technical supervisor

And countless of freelance authors, photographers, illustrators, and film-makers reporting from cultural hubs around the world.Photos by Ben de Biel
Headerimage: by Rike. / photocase.com